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Image for Flash Glucose Monitors

Flash glucose monitors are a way of measuring your blood glucose levels without having to prick your fingers. It is a small sensor that you wear just under your skin and records your glucose (sugar) levels continuously throughout the day and night.

Image for The 3 treatment targets

This video explains the 3 treatment targets, why they are important.

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Image for Finger prick blood glucose monitoring

Finger prick monitoring allows people with diabetes to check their blood glucose levels. It involves pricking the fingertip with a small, sharp device to get a drop of blood, placing the blood on a test strip, and using a meter to read the blood glucose level.

Image for FreeStyle Libre 2
Web Resource

This resource is for people who are about to start or have started using the FreeStyle Libre 2. Please work through the sections within the resource to learn more about the Libre.

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Image for HbA1c and Time in Range Explained

This page gives information about HbA1c and Time in Range (TIR) and how these are useful in monitoring diabetes.

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Image for Real Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring (rtCGM)

Real time continuous glucose monitoring is a method of continually measuring the glucose levels within the interstitial fluid.

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Image for Blood Glucose Monitoring and HbA1c

This page explains what blood glucose testing is and why it is required for people with diabetes. It covers what the numbers mean, how to control your blood glucose level, and how and when to test your blood glucose.

Image for Why is my blood glucose high?

There are a number of factors that can affect your blood glucose levels, particularly if you are on insulin. This resource explores some of the reasons that may be causing your high blood glucose levels.

Image for Freestyle Libre

This course provides information about continuous glucose monitoring and the Freestyle libre. It is aimed at anyone diagnosed with type 1 diabetes that is using or would like to start using a continuous glucose monitor.

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Image for Meds & Kit Diabetes Balance

The Diabetes Balance guide to diabetes meters, medications, pens and pumps available in the UK.

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