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Image for Diabetes, Periods and the Menstrual Cycle

This resource explains how blood glucose levels in women and girls with diabetes can be affected by their periods and provides some tips for managing diabetes around periods.

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Image for 10 things any parent should expect from their child's diabetes care

The Type 1 essentials for children and young people outline the 10 things any parent should expect from their child's diabetes care. It includes the care, checks and help that the child or family need to make sure their condition is managed well - in hospital, school and wider society.

Image for DigiBete
External Resource

DigiBete is a video web platform and App designed to help support children, young people and families self-manage their own Type 1 Diabetes by extending the reach of clinical teams online. Their resources offer digital education, awareness, training and support to patients and families living with T…

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Image for Freestyle Libre

This course provides information about continuous glucose monitoring and the Freestyle libre. It is aimed at anyone diagnosed with type 1 diabetes that is using or would like to start using a continuous glucose monitor.

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Image for Growing Up with Type 1

This course, ‘Growing Up with Type 1’ is the second in a two-part series which provides information about life with diabetes. This part is especially aimed at young people with diabetes, particularly teenagers, who may be concerned about how their diabetes may affect them when facing new experiences…

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