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Image for Diabetes and Exercise

People with diabetes are encouraged to exercise regularly for better blood glucose control and to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Additional benefits of exercise include a healthier heart, better weight control and stress management.

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Image for Type 1 Diabetes and Extreme Sports

Having type 1 diabetes shouldn't stop you from taking part in extreme sports, however, it does mean that you have to be a bit more prepared and plan for the unexpected. Martin Draper talks about his experiences with having type 1 diabetes and participating in extreme sports.

Image for Type 1 Diabetes and Exercise

Here you will find some tips on on managing type 1 diabetes with exercise.

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External Resource

A site for people with diabetes with a focus on sport, providing information on diabetes and sport as well as other issues that people with diabetes may experience.

Image for Type 1 Diabetes and Physical Activity

Through this course, we aim to give you information about what people with type 1 diabetes need to consider when exercising. It explains how exercise impacts blood glucose and how to manage blood glucose levels before, during and after exercise.

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